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In Wild River Outlaws, players rescue and recruit a posse of bandits, each with their own infamous specialties, on a deadly race to pocket the biggest score in the raucous Wild West. Use each outlaw’s signature weapons to shoot, dodge and outwit bandits and lawmen alike with showdowns against unscrupulous bosses -- from the Ironclad Battleship CSS Clementine to The Entire Mexican Army. Wild River Outlaws is the perfect fix’r elixir guaranteed to unleash your inner outlaw! Recruit and customise your ultimate posse in your vengeance quest across the Wild west.


As this game is our second project, the basis for the game first came to form after playing Gain ground on the Genesis and falling in love with the small tactical gameplay nuences. Wanting to create a tactical arcade game that combined our love for roguelikes and bullet hell games we began prototyping an engaging system that allowed players to choose their characters on the fly depending on the battle before them. Combining this with a fast bullet slinging gameplay, we found that the wild west was the best home for Wild River Outlaws.


  • Rogue-like Western, new generated levels each time you play
  • Build the ultimate posse by rescuing characters. Use their unique skills to gain the tactical advantage
  • Your gang members are your hitpoints, lose every member and game over.
  • Rescue hostages and escort them to the end of the level to add them to your group and grow your outlaw team.
  • Set in the brutal-yet-colourful 8-bit Wild West
  • One-hit K.O. bullet hell action
  • Drop-in, drop-out co-op play
  • Analyze the level before beginning the mission to evaluate the best character to deal with enemies, obstacles and other Wild West undesirables
  • Nuanced interactivity and tactics: use dynamite to cause rockfalls on unsuspecting enemies; shoot open ranch gates to cause stampedes, trampling all in their path; flip tables for cover, kick tar barrels toward bandits and set them ablaze
  • Loot trinkets for your characters to augment their abilities increasing speed, reload time etc
  • Take on the outlandish and intimidating bosses that rule the West
  • Gain and lower your notoriety with your actions, influencing your path and difficulty across the west


Pre Alpha Gameplay YouTube


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Wild River Outlaws Credits

Kevyn Stott
Art, Programming, Game Design

Joe'l Van De Velde
Game Design, Producer, Art

Tyler Heenan
Programming, Audio Design

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