Sky Pirate Studios
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
Early 2021

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Getaway Grand Prix is a criminally addictive getaway driving arcade game for mobile devices. BOOST, JUMP, DRIFT around cities, collecting gems and avoiding enemy police and obstacles with a slide of your finger. Always stay ahead of the law, or sneak up behind and ram them off the road. WATCH out for traps and other obstacles that will stop you from escaping with your grand prize! Get the gems, get ahead and GETAWAY!


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  • Tight fast and intuitive driving controls to make you feel like a hot shot driver that invokes classic arcade feel.
  • A varied cast of characters that’ll talk, react and badmouth as the mayhem unfolds.
  • Traverse the world’s landmark cities in a roulette random order—you never know what level will come next!
  • Collect all-new assortments of power-ups and abilities to turn the tables on the law; double your gems, sneak past police undetected, leave tacks on the road to curtail your pursuers, and more!


Gameplay Video YouTube, Vimeo



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About Sky Pirate Studios

We’re Sky Pirate Studios, Captains Kevyn and Joey voyage on death-defying expeditions to bring back the most outrageous playable treasures the Forbidden Cloud Kingdom has to offer.

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Getaway Grand Prix Credits

Kevyn Stott
Game Design, Level Design, Art & Animation, Programming, Sky Pirate Studios

Joe'l Van De Velde
Game Design, Level Design, Producer, Sky Pirate Studios

Jace Van Kaathoven
Game Design, Writing, Marketing, Sky Pirate Studios

Tyler Heenan
Testing, Sound, Sky Pirate Studios

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